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Now you don't have to spend months learning about data conversion technology and hire an expensive consultant or technical expert. Database Conversion Product Line includes powerful converters that perform data transfer between MS Access, MySQL and PostgreSQL with synchronization feature.

The intuitive functionality and easy-to-use graphical user interface gives an excellent outlook and makes data entry quick and convenient. You can also run the application without any user interaction using command line parameters (in silent mode).

Ability to organize application work in GUI / command line modes is supplemented with a feature to automate the conversion process with the help of a task scheduler. The scheduler allows you to run database migration software un-attended on a user defined schedule.

You needn't convert your whole database. There is an option to convert certain tables, fields and indexes from a source database. So you just need to customize your conversion settings.

Access2MySQL Pro

Access2MySQL Pro migration tool converts Microsoft Access db to MySQL server and MySQL bases to MS Access. In case your hosting provider restricts direct access to your MySQL database you can save data into a dump file or even generate PHP script to overcome the restrictions. More :.

Access2MySQL Sync

Access2MySQL Sync accomplishes data transfer between Access and MySQL (import and export) with synchronization keeping your Access and MySQL databases coherent and up-to-date. More :.

Access2PostgreSQL Pro

Access2PostgreSQL Pro database synchronization software converts Access to PostgreSQL databases and perform PostgreSQL to Access conversion. More :.

Access2PostgreSQL Sync

Access2PostgreSQL Sync converts Microsoft Access databases to PostgreSQL and vice versa allowing user to convert data to PostgreSQL Text file and PHP script. Unicode Support and Primary keys and Indexes conversion are available. More :.

MySQL2PostgreSQL Pro

MySQL2PostgreSQL Pro converts your database from MySQL to PostgreSQL and from PostgreSQL to MySQL. Our product provides direct conversion, but when necessary to workaround firewalls you can take advantage of Dump files and PHP scripts. More :.

MySQL2PostgreSQL Sync

MySQL2PostgreSQL Sync synchronize and convert your database from MySQL to PostgreSQL and from PostgreSQL to MySQL. MySQL2PostgreSQL Sync is really affective and up-to-date product. This product provides insert synchronization and update synchronization as well as other our synchronizers. More :.


AccessForms2Web (PHP&MySQL Editon) allows you to convert mdb (Microsoft Access forms) to your WEB page. Now you can easily convert forms and their elements to Web page including elements' position, color pallet and fields type. More :.


MSSQL2MySQL Pro converts your database from MSSQL to MySQL and from MySQL to MSSQL as well as from MS SQL to MS SQL and from MySQL to MySQL. Our product provides direct conversion, but when you need to workaround firewalls take advantage of Dump files and PHP scripts. More :.

Aug 04, 2006
Access2MySQL Pro v. 5.4.2 released
Aug 04, 2006
Access2MySQL Sync v. 4.2.2 released
Aug 02, 2006
Access2PostgreSQL Pro v. 1.4.1 released
Aug 02, 2006
Access2PostgreSQL Sync v. 1.2.1 released
Aug 02, 2006
MySQL2PostgreSQL Pro v. 1.2.1 released
Aug 02, 2006
MySQL2PostgreSQL Sync v. 1.1.1 released
Aug 02, 2006
NEW!      DC Scheduler v. 2.0.1 released
Aug 02, 2006
MSSQL2MySQL Pro v. 1.0.0 released
Jul 31, 2006
AccessForms2Web v. 1.1.1 released
Read more in our announcements.

We use Access2MySQL to transfer unicode/utf-8 to MySQL. Since MySQL-ODBC cannot transfer unicode we tested many tools and found that Access2MySQL is the only option which really works.

Dirk Maiwert

We had a requirement for a client to be able to produce ad-hoc Excel reports from the raw data in a PostgreSQL-based web application. Access2PostgreSQL was perfectly suited to exporting the data on demand to a safe (for us) and familiar (for them) Access database where they could edit the data at will. A cost-effective solution. Data Conversions' support during testing was quick, enthusiastic and successful.

Neal Todd.
Software Developer.

I have to say I think your software product Access2MySQL Pro is quite good and a great value. I have strongly recommended my client to purchase this utility as it will save us a great deal of time. The most useful part about it is it allows me to move forward with PHP development while his office continues to populate/develop his local Access DB, which I can download, convert and upload on a cyclical basis.

Niles Franco
IT Manager

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You are welcome to read our white paper, "Data conversion between Microsoft Access and MySQL" available as a free download. The white paper highlights the benefits of data migration from MS Access to MySQL and discusses common kinds of conversion problems users will likely experience when publishing a database on the Web. The document also provides criteria to be taken into account when choosing specialized data conversion software.

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