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Synchronization is the process of data uploading or mirroring between two or more databases. When you work with converters you can face some issues attempting to synchronize tables in your databases. Here you can find answers how to overcome them.

1.Insert Synchronization.

Having some new records in the table in your source database, you have an opportunity to add them in the table in your destination database with the help of our converters from Database Conversion Product Line.

Additional records easily and quickly inserted from a source to a destination, in case there are no records with identical Primary key values.

The result of the synchronization is the added records from a source to a destination if there are no coincident records in the last one. The following scheme show a simple example of insert synchronization work.

2. Update Synchronization.

Changing table in your source database, you would like to adjust your table in a destination database to desired result.

Converter will replace the altered records without any problems. It compares the value of records in order to establish identity between two tables.

The result of update synchronization is keeping all your data updated. This is shown schematically in the given below scheme.

3. Insert Synchronization and Update Synchronization together.

You have modified your table in your source database. For example, you changed some data in existing records and inserted entirely new records in that table.

You have to add these values in the table and renew data in your destination database.

Insert Synchronization and Update Synchronization together allow you flawlessly to accomplish complex synchronization.

The result of synchronization is identity of the data. Destination database entirely matches the source database. The subsequent process is shown schematically in the following scheme.


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